Name is Alexandra...

pleasure to meet you!

Here will lie all those glorious details,  I'm sure you are just dying to know about me :)

About Me

Why create a website like this?

This website is the hub of my wheel. There are a few different sites and social medias I use and this platform will get you to anyone of them. It is a  show case of my writings, thoughts and creations.


I am a lover of all things! Love, peace and happiness is what I am all about!

For many years I was very sad. There were bouts of depression, anxiety, mood swings...many different emotions. And one day, not an easy path mind you, and really more of a many-year process, I became happy. 

My goal is to try and help other people find their happiness. 

I believe this world is on a dark path. There is so much sadness, defeat, loss of humanity's greatest potentials and most importantly lack of empathy for people, other beings on this planet and the planet itself.

As a single soul, I can not change the world to the place I wish it was but I can try. And doing what I can, whether there is a change or not, is better than not trying at all.